MLHLI Merchandise

Mended Little Hearts “Red Grocery Tote”

A great way to show raise awareness while shopping and saving the environment. This tote has a cardboard bottom.

Rescue Facts™ ID Wrap - Child

The ONLY Personal ID wrap that provides first responders with crucial information at critical moments, where they will find it fast! Rescue Facts™ puts all your crucial information in one easy-to-find place. Give rescuers everything they need to know when you cannot speak for yourself, including: identification, contact info, medical history, consent-to-treat forms and more!

Rescue Facts™ ID Wrap – Adult

Adult version of the Wrap

Mended Little Hearts “Awareness Bracelet”

A great way to show raise awareness.

American Medical ID

American Medical ID recently partnered with Mended Hearts, Inc., and Mended Little Hearts. They are offering 10% off of all MLH Medical Alert IDs and accessories. They are also donating 10% to Mended Little Hearts. So not only do we get a discount on an important item for our children, we can help raise money for Mended Little Hearts while raising awareness.

Click on the link to go to the Mended Little Hearts page for American Medical ID:
Blue T-ShirtMended Little Hearts of Long Island
Blue 1 in 110 tee-shirt

A great way to show your support and raise CHD Awareness


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