Our Services

Group Meetings
Nothing can replace in-person connections with others facing a similar journey. Monthly meetings help parents understand that they are not alone and that there is hope. Members listen, share their experiences and discuss issues that impact their families.

Speakers are invited to help educate and answer questions relevant to the CHD community on a wide range of topics from nutrition to first aid. Previous topics include:

On-going Communication
Parents can connect with other heart families that understand and can share experiences and concerns about the challenges of heart surgery and treatment.

Social Events
Members get together to interact with other heart families and find support from those who share the same experience. In addition, Family Meeting Nights are held quarterly which provide another opportunity for our heart heroes and their families to get together, provide updates and share
information. Sometimes it is important to just have fun!

CHD is an unknown epidemic, therefore, we take every opportunity to spread awareness. We participate in health fairs, street fairs, community events and distribute brochures with facts and statistics at each event. We also partner with hospitals and cardiologists to distribute our materials.

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